Legion & Lewis is proud to present The Inaugural North Carolina Honey Festival in Whiteville, NC.

The mission of the North Carolina Honey Festival is to highlight the significance of bees in our environment, celebrate honey and honey products, encourage bee-friendly practices, and promote beekeeping in all of North Carolina’s regions. For our inaugural presentation of the festival, we look forward to a fun-filled day of bee exhibits, food, honeybee  product vendors, and community fellowship.

Our vision for vendors and product exhibitors ranges from raw/local honey, to beeswax candles, meads, skincare products, natural hair products, bee pollen, honey sweetened sauces and desserts. Whiteville, NC was selected to host the festival as an official ‘bee city’, with a growing beekeeping community. We hope that with the help of local organizations, we can increase interest in bee-friendly practices and build on Whiteville, NC’s growth.

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The History of the NC Honey Festival:
  It all started as a Father's Day gift

In 2017 my birthday fell on Mother's Day. It was on this day that I told my Mom what I had been inspired to do. My father, a prostate cancer survivor, had become an even greater inspiration to people than before he was diagnosed. He carried such a positive attitude during his period of treatments and doctor visits, that he was raising the spirits of the same people that would call to see about him.

My father had recently taken up beekeeping - because when you have a dozen fruit trees in your yard, someone must pollinate them. But during his treatment process, he slowed down outside. With every, “How’s Carl?” came a “…is he still making honey?” His energy was not that of the 'Blab' that so many remember from the courts of Nolan Park. He was still the man I’ve always known: one who loves people and life... but something was different. I can only imagine that the sudden unknowns of cancer would do that to the best of us. Thankful enough that he had made it through all his treatments, I still wanted to do something to raise his spirits. At some point I learned that September was both National Honey Month and Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, and the rest is history.

At first, my goal was to help my family put together a small celebration after church and invite his bee club to attend. After a month of ideas and phone calls, that celebration grew into a 5K through the heart of the city and a three-block festival in Downtown Whiteville. On Father's Day of that year, I announced to my dad and the church congregation that Saturday Sept. 9th, we would be hosting The Carl Cutler Run for Prostate Cancer and The Inaugural North Carolina Honey Festival.

3 months later, in his address to the crowd before the 5K, Dad said, "I'm just glad that this isn't a memorial run!" In that spirit of humor and great appreciation for life, the NC Honey Festival will forever be rooted in what my sister and I have had the privilege of witnessing: a love for people, a love for nature and thankfulness to be able to wake up and enjoy it all.

-A.C. Cutler
NC Honey Festival, Founder/CEO

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